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As we age, the skin on our hands can change just as much as the skin on our face, resulting in thinner, sagging skin and an increased visibility of the tendons and veins, as well as age spots. Fortunately, for patients unhappy with the appearance of their hands, there are several minimally invasive cosmetic procedures available that can correct the signs of aging and restore smooth, youthful skin.

Hand Rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation is a restorative treatment that combines skin fillers such as Sculptra® and Radiesse® with laser treatments such as Fraxel® to replace lost volume and improve the overall appearance of the hand. Surgical techniques may also be used to remove cysts or other harmless but unattractive lesions that may develop on the hands. Your doctor will develop a customized treatment plan for each patient based on their aesthetic goals.

The skin of the hand is first injected with a biocompatible filler that stimulates collagen production and thickens the skin, making tendons and veins less visible. For most patients, desired results can usually be achieved after a series of two to three treatments spaced six weeks apart. Laser treatments work with the filler to improve the texture of the skin while also removing sun spots and other unwanted blemishes. A series of four laser treatments spaced a month apart can help patients see significant results.

Our hand rejuvenation services take 30 minutes to two hours to perform, depending on the techniques used and the extent of treatment required. Patients can return home shortly after the procedure.


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